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He is also the co-founder of Good Game Charity Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to community service. He continues to promote and expand the scope of this organization, which enables him to combine his desire to assist people with his passion for sports.Apart from his ongoing client work, Kyle Kerr is an avid sports enthusiast. He is mostly interested in football and basketball, but is frequently willing to join in softball, volleyball, lawn bowling, or other hobbies. He is frequently observed participating in or watching a variety of sports.

Additionally, he likes spending his free time hiking and being outdoors. He attends exercise boot camps on a regular basis to maintain his health. He also likes spending time with buddies in the fitness area.Kerr is also a connoisseur of fine cuisine and freshly made coffee. With a cup of coffee in hand, it's simple to locate him.

Kyle Kerr has devoted a significant portion of his time to assisting those in need through a variety of organizations and initiatives. He has volunteered his time and resources to several causes. This includes the following organizations: HeroWork, Rainbow Kitchen, Kool Aid Society, KidsSport Victoria, CFAX Santa's Anonymous, Cystic Fibrosis Society of Canada, ALS Society, and Fernwood Community Association. He is constantly on the lookout for more methods to assist those in need and is frequently amenable to sponsoring groups who approach him.

Additionally, he devotes his time coaching children sports. As a result, he may use his passion for athletics to assist others who may lack a strong, supportive environment. This is in addition to the time he devotes to his humanitarian organization, Good Game Charity Society, which he co-founded.
Kyle Kerr is a Victoria, British Columbia, real estate agent. He serves the Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island areas as a Realtor. He has been a certified real estate agent since 2010 and previously served as the Victoria Real Estate Board's Director for seven years. In 2018, he was chosen President of the Board.

Kyle Kerr is frequently found discussing the newest local real estate market developments. This is accomplished through podcasts, interviews, and essays written in collaboration with other organizations. Additionally, he appreciates sharing his professional ideas and experiences. His tenure as President of the Victoria Real Estate Board provided him with insights into the market at one of its most challenging periods, enabling him to share information and data to other agents, investors, and stakeholders on how to navigate the stormy waters. Kerr frequently spends the majority of his time marketing his clients' properties, which include residential and new construction projects.


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